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Do not fear the winter driving conditions: Whether it be wet cold conditions (Below 7 Deg C), slush or snow, Triangle winter snow tires will provide the require handling and grip to master the elements
  • TR777

    Comfort | Safety
  • feature:

    Specific Winter Compound: Traction on wet surfaces below 7 Deg C; Directional Pattern Design: Maximum evacuation in wet and slush conditions; Block Type Pattern & High Sipe Density: maximum traction in snow and ice
  • TR787

    Safety | High Strength
  • feature:

    Big tread blocks with reinforced ribs and narrow grooves to provide good cornering performance and soft tread for excellent grip performance on snow ground;
  • TR797

  • feature:

    Suitable for the big SUV vehicles, directional and block pattern design provides good grip performance and low-temperature cross-country capability

Ice Studded

When conditions require the optimum winter traction capabilities: Triangle Ice-Studded tires are design to provide the maximum grip in the most demanding conditions of long lasting permanent sub-zero iced-up roads. Getting consumers to their destinations no matter how extreme the weather can be.
  • TR757

  • feature:

    Staggered Stud Arrangement: Maximum Grip on ice; High Sipe Density: Maximum grip on ice and packed snow; Centerline Rib Pattern: Steering precision in all conditions

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